5 Essential Steps Before Selling Your Home

Dated: February 9 2024

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5 Essential Steps Before Selling Your Home

Craft a Moving/Listing Plan

Determine your destination, your move-in timeline, and the reason behind your move. The “why” you are listing your home will shape your listing strategy and affect your Realtor’s marketing plan. If you’re pressed for time, you may need to adjust more quickly to sell promptly. However, if you have more time, you can afford to be more patient.

Select the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Situation

Choose a real estate agent who knows your local market and has experience with your type of situation. The right agent will use the proper marketing strategy for your home and understand how to reach your target audience effectively.

Acknowledge Your Home’s Weaknesses Upfront

Schedule a professional inspection before listing to identify possible issues within your home. It will provide you with valuable insights into the condition of your property, allowing you to understand the issues and obtain quotes for repairs. Having solutions, timing, and cost estimates readily available can reassure buyers during negotiations and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Declutter, Repair and Stage

Start the selling process by decluttering, a game changer that opens spaces and helps buyers see the full potential of your home. Consult your realtor about any DIY repairs — ask if they will help sell the house or get a higher sale price. If the answer is no, skip them. Finally, stage your home to sell the lifestyle and help buyers imagine their life in your home.

Tailor Your Marketing Plan

Create a marketing strategy highlighting your property’s unique features and the lifestyle it offers. Showcase nearby amenities to paint a vivid picture of the lifestyle potential buyers could enjoy. Ensure your marketing resonates with the targeted audience, conveying not just a house but also an enticing lifestyle.

Bonus Step: Get Your Financial House in Order

Don’t overlook the financial aspects of selling a home. Know the cost of breaking your mortgage and consider closing, moving, and Realtor costs. Ensure your financial plan aligns seamlessly with your selling strategy to avoid unforeseen hurdles.

Reach out to us, your local experts, to guide you through this process with confidence and success.


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